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Looking to update your tub? Here's the lowdown on picking your next bath.

Sit back and think for a minute. Just how much time are you actually in the bathroom? Think about it for a mo. Quite a bit actually isn't it. The smallest room in the house really gets a fair but of your undivided attention. And I don't just mean when you're doing the unmentionables....

I mean, lying in the tub. Feet up, music on. Or like me, book in hand with pages rapidly getting a little damp to the touch. But ah, what bliss. What a time for relaxing!

I think your bathroom really could do with a spice up. Check out these Terrazzo ideas from For the Floor & More for some decor inspo. They've also got a range of modern vinyl floorings that may just tickle your bathroom's fancy.

If your space is a little small, make sure you pick a shower bath. They have a larger space designed for showering at one end of the tub but still have all the prerequisites for bathing when you just dont feel like standing up.

Check out how your new bath has been lacquered. Ask questions to make sure its scratch resistant and hard wearing. Advice tip - if you've got small nippers, change your tub after they've grown up a bit. We had a beautiful slipper bath that was battered at the bottom by toys being bashed every bathtime. If only we had waited.....

Technology fans have a look at some of the whirlpool options equipped with lights, bubbles (and probably an electronic waiter that serves Prosecco and scrubs your back!)

Thats our quick guide to bathtubs and some of what I'd look for when picking a new tub. Just keep away from the avocado and purples and go with the classic white.

You can always add an accent colour through the use of brighter coloured towels or accessories. I love (and who doesn't) adding candles even if its only for the tones and shades they bring to the room.

Have I put together enough info here for you? Feeling a little bit more inspired? Get in touch with your new projects - I love being social!

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Make Your Kitchen Stand Out!

So many kitchens, mine included, go for a neutral, pastel colour scheme. In the paper industry, they call these colours toilet shades: cream, pale green, pale blue…. You know what I’m talking about!

The upside of these colours is that they are evergreen when it comes to staying on fashion point. They are low rent, easy to live with and with a little bit of flair, new more colourful accessories can be added to spice it up a bit.

The downside, however, is they can easily look a bit bland, boring and plain. Not the atmosphere we want in a space that we spend so much time in. How many times have you stood around at a party in someone’s plain kitchen? Don’t say anything (it's not the place at a party!) but next time you’re at a friend's home, have a look around and see what you think. I’m right, aren’t I?!

Well, since finding these coloured glass splashbacks for the kitchen I think I’ve found a real easy way to lift your pace head and shoulders above everyone else's. (And be honest, we’ve all got that showoff houseproud thing going on!)

Match a bold colour with a more neutral wall and see the difference. They add a focus to a room that just wasn’t there and instead of a stainless steel or tile backsplash, they create a colour pop that other products just cant match.

(Pro tip!) Pick a tone or shade from your room theme and use it within the print’s colour – this tonal colour scheme is what the designers do all the time. It almost subconsciously brings the room together. Think of it as a piece of music with all the instruments playing the same style – I know, I know but the metaphor works!

Another option is to go for something a bit more striking. Look at the likes of the Adobe colour wheel and have a play around with colours either alongside your existing theme or opposing. It’s a simple way to get a feel for what works and why in colour. This is why colours like red and blues mesh together so well and yellow and greens. As always Pinterest is your friend!

Hope that helps with inspiration for adding a coloured splashback to your kitchen, or bathroom, or utility….. And if you’ve already got one (lucky you!) let us know on social media.

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Patterns To Be Proud Of!

What really makes me tick is flicking through home magazines from years gone by and reminiscing about all the styles of old. It's incredible how much has changed but also how much has stayed the same. Colours come and go as do room themes, but one thing that was so prevalent was the use of patterns in interior design. Everywhere from cushions to curtains, carpets to cutlery, bold pattern design were used with abandon! Everything clashed and contrasted wonderfully with colours colliding across different objects and furniture within the same room.

As the years moved on, this wild approach to pattern in the home was slowly turned down a notch. The beige started to infiltrate, the magnolias and creams, the neutrals and pastels. In recent times we’ve had the minimalist and the hygge, both are about stripping away the unnecessary. Sometimes, however, the unnecessary is exactly whats needed!

We’re now seeing patterns slip back in – check out some the high streets new season collections. Geometric designs and large scale floral patterns emblazoned across both clothing lines and home décor. Patter inspiration is definitely arriving back into our homes.

Here are a few tips how to use in the home whether you’re more comfortable with the neutral or a full-blown pattern addict!

If you’re used to having a clean and minimalist space, mix it up with a couple of bold cushions. Deep colours and strong lines will totally change the feel of the room. You won't believe the difference purchasing a couple of accessories can make. Feeling a little bit more adventurous then go for a rug to compliment or contrast – pick an accent colour from the cushions and use that as a base point. Tie these elements together tonally and a new colour style will start to flow through.

Unleashing more of your pattern potential? Look around for second-hand furniture at garage sales or eBay. Some of the iconic pieces from decades past are now relatively affordable and on statement piece will really add the wow factor. Reupholster an old chair with a contemporary floral design and you’ll have classic design with a modern finish – best of both worlds!

Feature walls are a great way to transform a room with the minimum of fuss. I like to use a colour wheel to check on what colours work together either complimenting or contrasting. Depending on the atmosphere you wish to evoke, both colour options can be fantastic. If a full wall is too much to start with, pick an alcove or chimney breast.

The last option is with the flooring. Go for bright patterned rugs if you want to play with options or look for tiles or vinyl flooring if something more permanent is needed. These floorings are the latest in design and pattern – for so long carpets have been back to plain and neutral. Finally, the new wave is coming!

Pick your new style, find patterns that achieve your feel, and go for it. I cant wait to hear how you get on!

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What is the most neglected part of a house?

The bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, as I know that you spend thousands on the fittings and tiles, but does your bathroom look cheerful? Is it colourful enough to brighten up your mood when you enter it in the morning? Well, that’s what bathrooms are for. Let’s see how we can brighten up a bathroom.

Choose the right colour

A lot depends on colours and so you should choose the bathroom colours judiciously. If the bathroom is dark and windowless, the task becomes a bit tougher. White may make the room gloomy and so go for a neutral shade like blue or grey.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In a dark and lifeless bathroom, the mirror can play a huge role in bringing brightness. Choose a large one, if possible, with a metallic frame to add shine to the bathroom. Opt for unique shapes to make the décor interesting. If the space permits, you can add multiple mirrors to make the room brighter. Use small ones on the other walls for the best effect.

Tile it up or use wallpapers

These are great ideas to add colour to your bathroom. Use glossy tiles or colourful wallpapers on one wall. Combine warm and bright colours with neutral tones to balance out the effect. Turquoise blue can go well with green apple. Similarly, glossy silver and cottage white are great bathroom colours. The feature wall tiles certainly add colour and pop to any room - simple to use too!

Get innovative with lights

The lighting can make or break the look of a bathroom. Choose ample lights for the bathroom but in different shapes. You can shop around for art deco style or a musical instrument shaped light. Apart from the main light, a few small light fixtures can make the bathroom bright and cheerful.

Add a touch of green

This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to brighten up a bathroom. Use potted plants that need less light. Use colourful pots or place them inside bamboo pots for an ethnic feel. A small pot on the sink and bigger ones near the window or beside the door would give a natural glow to the room.

Use unique furniture

This is tricky but works wonders. A stool, a chair, unique shaped buckets to stack the towels, the choice is endless. Just see what you can use in your bathroom to give it more life.

Apart from these, you can also use towels and vases in your bathroom. Use bright coloured linen like orange, yellow or red to add glamour to the bathroom. Put a few sea shells on the sink or coloured candles to create a romantic touch. The idea is to experiment with bathroom colours and find the right balance and style for your own private space.

Have I put together enough info here for you? Feeling a little bit more inspired? Get in touch with your new projects - I love being social!

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Fantastic article showing unique printed flooring over at For the Floor & More. The blog piece is here and all about their geometric pattern vinyl flooring.

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